Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Oh, yes I did!

The family and I paid a visit to Ribfest in Naperville of the 4th of July holiday weekend. We've fallen in love with such festivals, first attending one in Minneapolis. One great thing about the annual Ribfest in Naperville is that kids 11 and under are free. Once you're in, there's a family area full of inflatables and fun activities and shows that is included with admission.

We got there in the afternoon since it happened to be the day of my youngest son's last t-ball game, followed by a team picnic. We first went straight for the food, sampling some ribs and chicken. Then it was over to the family area, where the kids jumped and jousted. The went from one thing to another and repeated and repeated and repeated. Next thing I knew we'd been in the family area for over 3 hours. I wish I had an inflatable jousting ring in my back yard. It would entertain them for hours. I even got in on it and had some fun in the ring.

However, the most fun was the mechanical bull. And I even tried it. Oh, yes I did. I have to admit, though. It wasn't pretty. It took me longer to get on it than it did to ride it. LOL!

Notice the guy in front of me with the camera. I'm afraid to google "fat chick rides mechanical bull" because there may be video of me out there.

Who did the best? My 7-year-old. He rode it out and never fell off.

Oh, and the ribs were good, too.

It was a good day. But just one thing to add. I have major port-a-pottyphobia. Can you say ewww??????

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