Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Being around babies again

Well, after eight years of being a work-from-home/stay-at-home mom after leaving my full-time job to raise my family, I'm now back in the working world. When I started seeking out a part-time job recently, I thought about my work experience and what kind of job I might enjoy. I didn't want to go into it knowing it would be a place I'd dread going every day.

I worked at a couple fast food places back in high school, but have no desire to go into food service -- just don't feel like dealing with the occasional crabby customer I'd encounter and I'd probably put on 50 pounds being surrounded by food all day. I also remember that is was really hard work and really low pay, which is easier to tolerate when you're a high school student.

During and after high school I was an administrative assistant. I loved it. The office environment suited me well. I liked working with people, paperwork and computers. I sent out some resumes, but decent paying part-time office jobs don't come along that often. I also knew I'd continue writing and wondered if it would be too much to sit at a computer at home and do the same at work.

I've always wanted to work a retail job, if only for the holiday season. I consider myself a people person - friendly, helpful and like to help find information or problem solve. A bonus would be that if I worked at one of my favorite places, I'd get a heads up on the sales and probably a nice discount. I considered it, but the places I seeked out required long weekend and evening hours.

One day I was searching online and found a job posting that was intriguing. I always thought it would be neat to somehow be involved in weddings or with new babies -- somehow able to share a life changing day with someone. I've also always liked the hospital environment and especially the nursery, which is full of caring people on a floor that usually results in a happy ending to a hospital stay. I think I have the compassion for nursing, but maybe not the stomach. Besides, my kids are still young and I wouldn't want to jump into going back to school for nursing and then likely onto a midnight shift as the lowest person on the totem pole working all the weekends and holidays. I knew I wanted something part-time for now. Anyway, I spotted a job for a newborn photographer in a hospital. It sounded like a great fit. It was part-time and allowed to be around babies and use the photography experience I've gained over my years of freelancing.

I'm still pretty new to it all, but so far I'm having a great time. How can you not be happy being around newborn babies? I get to go to work everyday and see a new miracle that has just entered the world. Even though it's quite difficult to catch a smile on the face of a 1-day-old, I'm around smiling parents, grandparents and staff each time I go to work. A smile can go a long way.