Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Tired of busy

Ah, I'm a person wearing many, many hats. This is one of three blogs I write, but the one that gets the least attention. It's not for lack of content. At least once a week something occurs or comes to mind that I intend to blog about and then, well, life stuff fills up every moment and I never get to it.

Maybe it's my nature, maybe it's the times we live in, maybe it's being inundated by technology, maybe it's my inability to better manage my time and set priorities, but there never seems to be spare time or down town. There's just never a time anymore where I can look around and exhale and think "ok, I have a free afternoon and I'm going to do something I'd like to do." There's always a deadline waiting or something that I need to catch up on or a child to shuffle somewhere. And the constant state of "busy" wears on you.

I am a person who likes to stay busy. I couldn't do a job where I had a lot of idle time. Now every single idle minute is seen as an opportunity to return and email or check social media. It's something I need to work on and train myself to do -- find some time not to be busy. Once in a while when I get really overloaded, I can make myself slow down and take a break, but I need to create those breaks before I get the point of overload. How do you fit in time to slow down?