Friday, July 15, 2011

Longing for some lazy days

Ah, it is summer. Supposed to be long lazy dog days, right? Summer days are fun, but so exhausting. And the sunny skies and having the kids around make me want to stray from my computer and housework and play.

Yesterday was the last day of summer school and I'd wanted to sleep in, but woke with my mind racing with my mental to-do list that is getting longer by the day. One of the boys wanted to be at an early library program today, so I'll have to wake him soon.

I'm almost done with a book I've been reading for three weeks. Hate to put it down, but there's work I HAVE to get done today!!! After that, I'm going to treat myself with some lazy days. I hope. Is it just me or does anyone else get that nagging feeling that I have to entertain the kids and plan and schedule things during the summer? Gosh, when I was young, summer meant heading out on your bike as soon as you woke up and spending the whole day out of the house, stopping inside only for meals. As the sun set all the neighborhood kids would hang out in front yards as we were supposed to be in when the streetlights came on. We'd squeeze in some games of "Ghost in the Graveyard" or "Red Rover" as the sun was setting. Doesn't seem to be that way anymore.

However, I feel that left to their own devices, my kids would be content in front of the television playing video games from morning 'til night and we can't have that. So, I try to get them out to the park, the pool, the library, for ice cream and on other outings. Today will hopefully be a jaunt to the pool IF I get my work done!!! Better run!!!

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