Saturday, July 16, 2011

My new book has been released

I'm so excited that my new book is finally in print. I got my copies in the mail yesterday. I was on the phone doing an interview when someone knocked on the door and the dog started barking, so I excused myself for a minute and found a heavy box. I couldn't imagine what was in it since the only thing on order right now is a pair of sunglasses. Then I looked at the return address and realized it was from my publisher. A couple friends had pre-ordered and reported that they'd gotten their copy the day before.

My last book was released almost 8 years ago today. It was delivered as I was in labor with my fourth son and getting ready to head to the hospital. My latest book is titled "Mom Moments: A compilation of columns from the Northwest Indiana Times." It is a collection of columns I wrote for the paper from 2000-2010. My friend, MaryBeth Witulski shot the cover image for me. Last summer she did a photo session of my family at a local park and snapped this one of my and my five boys. I thought it would make a great pic for the book.

I'm told it will be listed on, but I don't see it on there yet. I'll have to start working on some book signings in the area. For now, it can be purchased at the publisher website:
Use code "Discount20" to get twenty percent off.

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Patricia said...

Congratulations! Hope it does well for you. I bet your kids are proud of their mom.

I am following you via FNFW blog hop. I will make sure I am following you on GFC. I am having an easy book giveaway on my blog all you have to do is comment on which one of the two books you would like to win.