Monday, July 11, 2011

New Year's Resolution: Week 28

Ok, just a short post to report that I am still keeping up with that new year's resolution: Pitch a bag a week for 52 weeks. It's now week 28. In my last entry, I admitted that I'd fallen off the wagon for a bit, but preparing for a garage sale got me caught up. Since that garage sale, I've spent the past couple weeks trying to reduce the paperwork. I've got lots of school papers from the year to clear out, a magazine rack to go through and files to empty. So, I'm on bag #3 full of paper for recycling. And I've probably got another whole bag to shred. Next week I think it's time to revisit the clothes. I never fully retrieved the summer clothing. I got to some of it, but I know there are lots more summer outfits for my boys that are in rubbermaid containers in the garage. I've got to get moving on that before it's fall again! And in the process, I'll weed out some more clothes. My youngest had a big growth spurt this spring, so I'm sure there's a lot he's outgrown!

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