Saturday, July 30, 2011

A non-Griswold vacation

We're back from a trip to Kentucky and I'm exhausted! Had a fun time there with the kids. I love Kentucky's Cave Country. There's so much do there. In our four days there, we did two cave tours, went to a water park, visited an Australian-themed animal park, stayed on a farm where the kids fed the animals and gathered eggs, saw life-sized dinosaur replicas, watched deer grazing just feet from our hotel room, watched a wild west gunfight, took a cable car ride, wandered through a couple museums, rode go-karts, pet a kangaroo, fed exotic birds, went through a haunted house and more.

And, more often than not, our trips turn out to be a bit Griswold-esque with something going wrong. One year our power steering went out as we were pulling into our hilly campground resort. Another time, our mini-fridge in the van killed the battery. Another time, our electrical system went haywire and kept blowing fuses, leaving us with no headlights as we maneuvered through hilly terrain in the middle of the night. Another time our air conditioning went out as we arrived on the coast with temperatures in the 90's. And on that same trip, I took off my wedding band and put it in the kitchen cabinet of our rental so it wouldn't lose it on the beach...well, an hour after our departure, I realized I'd forgotten it and contacted the resort. Housekeeping claimed it wasn't there.

But, we've never had a serious injury on a trip. No one has gotten lost. No one has gotten sick. No lost credit cards. No car accidents. It's been minor stuff for the most part. We've always made it back home in one piece and always created lots of lasting memories. This trip was no different. Time to go doze and recover and I'll post more soon.

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