Saturday, May 12, 2012


On a day when you're preparing to be on stage in front of about 350 people, you want things to go smoothly. But, really...things rarely go super smooth. Life always seems more like a Clark Griswold movie or a Saturday Night Live skit around here. On Thursday, things just didn't seem to be in my favor.

After the kids went off to school, I noticed one had left his folder in the middle of the dining room table.

I walked in to the nail salon and it was packed! Major delay.

I'd found a dress to wear, but woke up with a HUGE chest zit.

Running late from the mani/pedi, didn't get a chance to eat before heading out.

Heading into the bathroom to do my hair, I realize that my curling iron got turned off and was ice cold!

Underestimated the length of my dress. I had thought knee highs would work.! Detour to Walgreens for panty hose...none my size. Ended up going bare-legged.

Watched a 3-car fender bender happen right in front of me on Route 30. Had it not been for my catlike reflexes, I'd have been car #4 in that chain!

Went to sign into my blog, transposed a couple letters and it took me here to ArmegeddonOnline. That's not the kind of sign you want on a day like this. Totally gave me a good laugh, though.

But, once I got to the Memorial Opera House, I felt calm. I watched each reader before me get up there and do her thing. And I did mine. And it flowed so well and it seemed like it was over in an instant, but I sure enjoyed it while it lasted.

Here's a pic of our awesome cast by Beth Fletcher Photography.

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Mimi's Toes said...

You did a fabulous job on that stage. I loved your story. I'm Steph's mom, by the way and I did meet you after the show. Great Post!