Sunday, July 17, 2011

Facebook has become my source of breaking news

So I was thinking today about how much of my info. comes from FB. You know those "where were you when moments?" I was five years old watching the news in my living room when I heard Elvis died. I was in 7th grade language arts class when the space shuttle Challenger exploded. I was in the car waiting for my emissions test to be taken when I heard on the radio that the Gulf War had began.

Nowadays, I seem to be in front of the computer on Facebook when I learn about breaking news. How did I hear about Osama Bin Laden being killed? Facebook. Charlie Sheen "Winning?" Facebook. The Blago verdict? Facebook. The Marc Anthony/JLo split? Facebook.

So, anyone else noticing the same? Or do I just spend too much time on Facebook? :)

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