Monday, June 24, 2013

Summer Bucket List

I'm getting the list together a little late, but I guess that's the theme this summer...go with the flow. I haven't planned much so far. School got out earlier than usual, but the start of the summer break was dampened by my father-in-law's passing. We had a memorial to plan and relatives visiting from Germany to see. Then my parents celebrated their 50th anniversary and there was planning for that. I'm looking back at last year's list and deciding that I don't want to make this year's list quite so specific. Here's what last year's looked like with some spots marked off mid-way through.

Pool visit (maybe get passes)
X                     Sand Ridge Nature Center
Zig E’s Funland
Albanese Candy Co.
Deep River Water Park
X X X               Library visit
Chelberg Farm
Wicker Park Splash Pad
Calumet City Fun Center
X                     Indiana Dunes
X                     Frozen Yogurt Express in Munster
X                     Free Movie at Lansing 8
                        Zoo (Broofield or Washington Park)
                        Picnic at a local Park
X X                  Kite flying
X X                  Berry Picking (strawberries and blueberries)
                        Downtown day via Metra train
                        Roller Skating (free passes from school)
X                     Tyler’s Tender (free kid meal from birthday club)
                        Mini Golf
X                        Wihala Beach
X                     49-er Drive In
                        Berry Picking (blueberries)
X                       Green Lake Aquatic Center
                        Zoa Island
X                     Cubs game
                        Splash Pad (either Homewood or Valpo – one we haven’t been to)
                        Tyler’s Tender (take report cards – 5 tokens for each A)
                        Hollywood Park
                        Car Show
X X                  Out for a family breakfast/lunch
X                      Boat ride      
X                      Find a new park to visit
                        County fair
X                        Minor league baseball game
                        Try Dairy Belle in Hammond
                        Hoosier Theatre
                        Movie in the Park
X                      Attend a parade
                        Overnight at a campground
X                      Farmer’s Market
                        Summer Concert
X                      Dairyville
                        Vintage Base Ball Game
                        Navy Pier
                        Cruise Night

And here's what I'm putting down for this year (and I'm off to an okay start):

Visit at least one beach  X
Visit a farm
Drive in movie
Visit a new ice cream spot
Find a new park to visit
Go to a MLB baseball game  X
Go to a minor league game  X
Go to a farmer's market
Go to a cruise night
Camp overnight
Go to state or county fair
Visit a pool  X
Visit a carnival  X
Visit a water park
Visit an amusement park
Visit a zoo
Go to an arcade
Go to a parade  X
Watch fireworks  X
Go kite flying  X
See a new movie
Berry picking X
Go to a concert
Have some festival food  X
Take a road trip  X
Have lunch at a new restaurant  X
Visit a local festival  X
Go fishing
Visit a nature center
Do a hike
Go to a UPick fruit or veggies/pick something new
See a movie in the park
Do a family bike ride
Watch the sunset over the beach  X
Watch the sun set over a farm  X
Take a day trip into Chicago with family
Visit another state  XX
Go to a museum
Picnic in a park
Make smores in the back yard
Backyard campout in a tent
Catch lightning bugs
One adults only outing (casino, nightclub or overnight getaway)

What's on your summer bucket list?

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Mom & Dad celebrate 50 years

I was so happy that my parents celebrated 50 years of marriage this month. We celebrated with a nice party. All six kids were there and most of the grandkids and my aunt and some longtime family friends. It was a wonderful time. Here's a peek at the day.

Mom and Dad's friend Nola checking out photos.

Mom and her sister, who came from the Springfield area for the party.

Mom & Dad and all 6 kids

Most of the gang (minus a son-in-law, four grandkids (and a spouse of a granddaughter) and two great grandkids.

Dad and his youngest grandson. Another grandson is due in November. The oldest of the grandchildren turns 35 next month.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Marking one item off the summer bucket list

Well, it's now been two full weeks since the kids have been out of school. I haven't really felt like it has started. Things were busy as we planned my father-in-law's memorial visitation, visited with relatives from Germany and planned my parents' 50th wedding anniversary. My poor son who graduated 8th grade has yet to have a party...I can't seem to find a date that works out for us or any of the family and I've been so busy with other things that I've kind of dropped the ball. I have work piled up that I HAVE to get done. I've yet to even complete my summer bucket list, although I have a few things floating in my head that I'd like to do. I still have to sign up the kids for the summer camps. I got our pool passes purchased, but we've only been there once for less than 2 hours. Still, we've had a few fun days so far that have helped get us into the lazy summer mood.

One was yesterday as we celebrated Father's Day. One thing I want to do this summer is spend more time at the beach. I've finally gotten over my phobia of sand. :) Seriously, there's just no way to go to the beach and not end up with sand all over your vehicle and covering every inch of the kids. I've finally been able to let go of it and just enjoy a day at the beach and let the sand fall where it may. One thing I wanted to do this year was watch the sun set while we were at the beach and we accomplished that yesterday.

After a full day that included a drive up to Michigan, pancake breakfast at the firehouse, shopping in downtown Three Oaks, a walk through their community gardens, watching the 61st Annual Flag Day Parade, dinner at Nelson's Saloon, hanging out at the park, walking the downtown area and stopping for ice cream, I told my husband that parking is free after 8 p.m. at the New Buffalo Beach, so we decided we'd visit the beach before heading home. So, here's a look at our visit, from when we arrived to just before we left.