Saturday, October 17, 2009

Mornings of madness

One morning earlier this week, I opened my eyes, looked over at the clock and realized it was almost time to get out of bed. I was dreading it. Not only was it Monday, bu this morning would be more hectic than usual. Five children had to be in five different places.

So, I got up and woke up my 10-year-old who had to get up about an hour earlier than usual for his first early morning band practice. He was excited about going and got himself up and ready. We get out in the van, I turn the key...nothing. Then I look up to see the overhead lights barely shining, just a dim glow. I look down on the dash and discover that I left them on. Occasionally the boys will turn one on above their seat and forget to turn it off, but I couldn't even blame anyone. It was turned on beside the steering wheel - it was totally my bad.

My husband rushed him off to band practice, then charged my battery. By the time it was done, the next kid had to be delivered to school. He was running a couple minutes behind, which throws off everything else. He's off to school and I'm getting lunches, snacks and water bottles prepared for the day.

Ok, next one is about to head off to school. Another has a 9 a.m. dentist appointment. Yikes! He was going to have hot lunch at school and then I realize that he'll be there late because of the dentist visit and he won't be included in the lunch count. I throw another lunch together and send him out the door with my husband to the dentist's office, which is a half-hour away (in good traffic.)

Now I'm off with the last two. A train is on the tracks on the way to the first school. So, we wait. Then he gets dropped off. Finally, it's off to the final stop. My poor preschooler seldom makes it to school before they start circle time. His class starts at the same time as his older brothers' school and considering that his older brothers receive detentions when they're tardy a few times, getting him to preschool a couple minutes late is how it has to be. It doesn't help, though, when a slow-moving train adds to the delay.

Finally, I walk him to his classroom, slipping in quietly trying not to interrupt the teacher's puppet show and then exit the building. I let out a big sigh. Everyone is where they should be. Then...I realize that it's not Monday. Schools were closed the day before for Columbus Day and it's actually Tuesday. Yeah! One day closer to Friday! There's always a silver lining!