Friday, July 1, 2011

Catching up on the New Year's Resolution

Ok, earlier this year I posted about a new year's resolution that some local radio disc jockeys had made that inspired me. They resolved to cut down on clutter by getting rid of a bag a week for 52 weeks. Well, as often happens with those resolutions, I fell of the wagon around late March. I think I left off around week 14, so yes I'm a bit behind.

However, I'm going to let myself off the hook. I did skip about 12 weeks, but last week I saw my sister and passed on three bags of boy clothing to her. Then we had a garage sale last week and what we got rid of would have easily filled at least another dozen bags. Actually as far as profit, it was probably our least successful garage sale, but it did help us clear out a lot of stuff we were no longer using. I caved and brought a muffin pan and a pair of shoes back in the house, but the rest of it got donated.

So, we are at week 26. Half way through the year. I'm going to get back on track here and try to keep up with blogging on my progress. How many of you are still following through with your resolutions? Anyone?

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