Thursday, April 10, 2014

Happy Siblings Day

When we got married and decided to start a family, there was one thing that was a given. That there would be more than one child, probably a lot of children, but we knew we wanted our child to have siblings. I was one of 6. My husband was one of 4. My dad was one of 4. His dad was one of 3. My mom was one of 6. His mom was one of four. I liked the idea of having kids growing up having a companion.

Today is National Siblings Day and I have to say that I have always loved being part of a big family. I've sometimes felt like the oldest as there was a 13 year span between my older siblings and the older three were out on their own by the time I was in kindergarten. I have twin sisters that are two years younger. So, I was a middle child, but kind of an oldest child if that makes sense. I loved having older siblings and I always looked up to them. These days we don't see each other all that often since we're all living in different suburbs (and one sis is now out in Arizona and one is in Central Illinois,) but we really enjoy seeing each other and getting the cousins together. I'm so glad that I didn't grow up alone and that I had older siblings watching out for me and younger ones to grow up with.