Sunday, May 29, 2011

Three generations and Elvis

I've always been a fan of Elvis. In a way, I've always had the taste of someone older than me when it comes to music. Although I've always stayed up on current hits, as a young girl I liked Elvis and the Beatles just as much as what was in the top 40.

I remember my dad singing to us as kids. He was a fan of classical music and really didn't listen to anything else. I always loved to hear his voice, though, and his stories about singing in a barber shop quartet in his college days. Among the songs he'd sing to us when my sisters and I were little girls was "I Can't Help Falling in Love with You" and "Love Me Tender."

When my oldest son was a year-old, I dressed him as Elvis in a little white jump suit. When he was three-years-old we visited Graceland and he tried to sneak under the ropes across the King's shag carpeting.

Four years ago, when my oldest son turned 13, I took him along to see an Elvis tribute artist, Dennis Stella. He enjoyed the show as much as I did and we've since attended several more shows with Elvis tribute artists and my dad has joined us for most of them. I think it's pretty cool. Three generations of us enjoying the music of one artist. Each year when Irv Cass comes to town to do his show as Elvis at the American Legion along with Rod Stewart tribute artist Steve Bobbitt, we get tickets. This past January I got tickets for us to go to the Elvis Birthday Celebration at Star Plaza Theatre that featured several Elvis Tribute Artists as well as D.J. Fontana, who played drums for Elvis and a couple of ladies who had been back up singers on some of Elvis' recordings and tours.

Last week we went to see Dennis Stella again. He's my dad's favorite of the Elvis tribute artists we've seen. It was nice to again listen to some Elvis music with my dad and my son. For the most part, my dad is a fan of classical. I like all kinds of music, but usually favor country or pop. My son is a rock and metal fan. Yet, the music of Elvis draws us all together. So, thanks, Dennis for the great show and giving me a fun evening together with these special men in my life.

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