Sunday, May 29, 2011

Don't you love when they love eachother?

Siblings. When you put two brothers together, what do you often get? rivalry. arguments. fights. quarrels. wrestling. teasing. tormenting. knock-down-drag-out-fights, as my mom used to say.

I know that my sisters often fought. It was more dramatics. Tears over toys, crying over clothes, feuds over friends. It never came to punches. Sometimes pinching or hair-pulling. Occasionally slapping or kicking. We never threw punches, though. Most of our disagreements involved spiteful words. That's usually how it starts with boys - at least my boys - and it often ends with something physical. Something physical that results in crying or bleeding.

In between the quarrels, however, are those blissful moments when they actually seem to like one another. They sit next to each other and talk. They share games and toys. They give each other their candy or their money or other possessions. Those moments are so nice. Some days they are rare.

Recently, I got a new camera. Well, not brand spankin' new, but new to me. A Nikon D60 off Ebay. And I found out yesterday I could have probably gotten the newest model with all the extras for maybe $100 more. I wish I'd done a bit more homework!

Anyway, I took my new camera along on our first really warm day this spring. We went to our favorite park. The plan was a stop at the park followed by ice cream...but there was one condition. They didn't get ice cream until they let me snap a couple pictures. It was met with much resistance. It was actually a VERY warm day. We'd gone from 40 degrees to the 90's in a matter of hours and the intense heat was making us all a bit grouchy. They were in no mood for smiling for photos when the heat wave had their taste buds craving sundaes.

Finally, they agreed. And once I started snapping, they perked up and interacted like brothers who actually like each other. So, here are some shots from that day. A little playtime outside can bring out the best in them. And ice cream never hurts. :)

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