Saturday, November 19, 2011

To Santa, from Mom

Ok, I am a big-time anti-Christmas cheer until after Thanksgiving kind of person, but since everyone else is jumping on the bandwagon prematurely, I might as well join in. So, sir in the big red suit, here's a little list from me -- a mom --to keep in mind as you're prepping for that Christmas Eve sleigh delivery. It's actually a what-not-to-get-list. Thanks in advance for your cooperation.

1) No playdough
2) No slime
3) No moon sand
4) No clay
5) No goo of any kind that will stick to the floors or furniture
6) No paints
7) No markers
8) No glue
9) No glitter or any kind of medium that will stain fingers or fabrics
10) No toys that make noise
11) No toys that have sirens
12) No toys that blink
13) No toys that flash
14) No toys that require batteries that would cause any sights or sounds that would wake me up prematurely on a Saturday morning
15) No Legos
16) No small blocks
17) No Hot Wheels Cars
18) No Army men
19) No board games with small figures or pieces
20) No 1,000 piece puzzles
21) No teeny-tiny pieces of any kind that will cause me intense pain when I step on them in the dark
22) No toys that require a degree in Aeronautics or Physics to assemble
23) No toys that are secured into cardboard boxes so tightly that they require a 104-piece Craftsman tool set to release them.
24) No electronic devices that will convert them to zombies
25) No video games that involve any violence more intense than throwing a mushroom
26) No musical instruments

Ok, so what's left, you're wondering? Yeah, I can't think of anything myself aside from books and cardboard boxes. Oh, well....good luck with that.

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