Saturday, November 19, 2011

Missing the little things

Everyone once in a while this happens. I'm around babies and toddlers again. And I look around at them and they make me smile, but way in the back I feel sad for a moment. Sad that those days are gone...those days of inexperience when we we're muddling our way through together. It's not really that I want to be there again. There are just some things about it that I wish I could recreate where I'm at naptime maybe or the fact that they couldn't reach anything up on the kitchen counters or that they liked to watch tame Disney movies instead of action flicks.

I'm in no way saying that I'm longing for another one. We're completely done. Maybe one day I'll share the story about how done we are and how we thought we were done once before. I can't imagine starting again at my age. I can't believe my parents had twins at my age -- babies #5 and 6. Seeing them raising us in their 50's made me want to be a young parent and have my kids in my 20's. We tired them out too easily.

I try hard to enjoy the moment and the stage my kids are in. Each age and stage comes with its own rewards. But once in a while those little things about being little get me.

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