Saturday, November 19, 2011

Dear sons: Appreciate the arts

Letter #14

Dear sons:

I love music. I love theatre. I love movies. I love to view artwork. I love to read. I love to be entertained.

I love to witness talent. It often brings me to tears...when I watch a school play, when I see someone blossom over the course of the American Idol season, when I read an essay in the newspaper by a local teen.

I realize not everyone shares my interest. Of all of you boys, I know at least one of you would rather eat dirt than go watch a musical with me. Then there's the one of you that I can always count on to attend a show or concert with me.

I had this vision early on of having kids who all played an instrument. So far we've had three attempts at playing instruments, but only one who viewed it as enjoyment rather than misery. Just because music and theatre are my thing, doesn't mean it has to be yours. So, I accepted that and the lessons were halted.

However, I hope that even if you're not as eager as I am to see a ballet or watch Glee, you'll have an appreciation for the arts. And when you give it a chance, you may find it's not as bad or as boring as you think. It allows for such creativity and opportunity for expression. And since I don't have the talent for singing or dancing or drawing or acting, I find it fun to be a bystander and watch the talent of others.

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