Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Life through the lens: Days 81 & 82

So, on Sunday I had to go take some pictures for an assignment for a newspaper at a church. I got a few shots of my subject in different areas. The last was at the piano. She started playing and it sounded so beautiful, I just kept snapping pictures so I could hear her play longer. I zoomed in on her fingers for a couple shots. Some of my favorite pictures I've taken have been hand shots. In babies and young children, I love to see how smal the hands are in comparison with their parents. In the older individuals, I look at the lines and creases and think about all that those pair of hands have seen over the years.

This is another favorite I took a couple years ago of the pilot on a ride in a C-47 World War II plane. I just love the detail it picked up. What a wealth of experience in that fist.

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