Saturday, September 17, 2011

You know you're becoming your mother when...

Oh, boy, there are soooo many ways to finish that sentence. Remember when you were a child and there were all these embarrassing, annoying or quirky things your mother would do? You swore you never would. Then years down the road you find yourself doing something and it hits you: "I'm becoming my mother!"

Today, I did one of those mom things. I do it often. Today it just jumped out at me. I was talking to random strangers in the grocery store. My mom has often been one to strike up a conversation with anyone who will listen. I recall as a child being in the grocery store rolling my eyes as a trip for milk and bread turned into a 45-minute philosophical conversation  in the produce aisle with someone she'd never met.

Today, I found myself commenting to others standing near by. "Wow, that's a good price." "Have you ever tried this? It's really good." Sometimes it's an elderly gentleman excited about the conversation. Sometimes it's another mom who is in total agreement with whatever I'm saying. Today, as I reached for lunchmeat, I started babbling about how they used to have this Black Forest Shaved ham that was really good and my kids loved it, but they don't have it anymore. Now they only have turkey. "Do you think I could trick my kids into thinking this is ham?" I asked. The young guy, who looked about age 20, just chuckled and gave me this look like "Why are you asking me, lady?" Yep, it was something my mom totally would have done. And I did it.

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