Friday, September 2, 2011

Lagging behind, but catching up

I really should post more often. I say that a lot. Lately I've been reading more blogs and noticing how some of these moms post several times a week, some even posting daily. Gosh, I wish I could keep up with that, but I don't think that's ever going to happen - between home, five kids, a husband, a dog, a part-time job outside the house, my writing work done inside the house, trying to help out a little at school, maintaining three blogs and countless social network statuses, keeping up with deadlines on the regular print publications I write for, trying to promote and sell my latest book, prepare for my next book coming out and get ready to submit another book proposal and some other things in between, my time is a bit limited.

Anyway, here's what this week was like. Monday was the first day of school. My husband and I took them for their first day and then I went off to work. Tuesday, I got the kids off to school and had a long day at work. Wednesday was the first day with the kids back at school and me home in a quiet house...well for part of the day anyway. My oldest stopped home for lunch because he has a couple classes in one building in the morning, then travels to another building for additional classes. I soaked up the quiet. I did long overdue housework. I spent some time on the computer doing nothing really useful. Thursday, another quiet day of getting some work done at home and some shopping and cooking done. Today was Friday. My husband worked. The kids were all gone. It was all me. I met my friend, Michelle, for breakfast. Michelle is my breakfast buddy. I have friends that I do certain activities with and it's so nice to have them all -- like Toni, who is also my breakfast buddy, but she likes Aunt Sally's, so that's where we go. Michelle and I usually stick to Baker's Square. Heather is another breakfast buddy of the Baker's Square variety. Ellie is my movie buddy. We get together to go to a dinner and a movie. Cindy and Cheri are my bowling buddies. Then there's a set of club buddies I have. My friends from the historical society. The PTA moms. My neighbor who plans the block party with me. My friend, Fran, who I occasionally go to concerts with. There's the play date moms. My sisters who are my forever friends and who I enjoy so much. It's so nice to have such roles with so many different people.

Michelle is a gem - always encouraging and fun to be around. It was great to have breakfast with her and chat. Now that the school year is back in full swing, I'll look forward to more visits with my variety of friends. :)

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