Friday, September 9, 2011

You can laugh about it later

I often hear comments from people along the lines of  "I don't know how you do it." It often makes me uncomfortable, feeling like these people think I have this perfect life and that I have it all together. Most days it couldn't be farther from the truth. Kids fight and make messes, things break, I lose patience, I forget things, I burn dinner, I run late, I have a basket of laundry in the living room that's waiting to be folded for 4 days. Other times, things are good. They feel really good -- almost perfect. The kids get along good, I don't forget anything major, I'm on time and the house is in decent shape and I fully appreciate the gifts I've been given and the joy in seeing my children learn and explore.

Recently when someone made such a comment to me, I wondered if I give the impression in my columns and blogs that I have a perfect, holding-it-all-together life. If I gave the impression that I'm trying to come across that way, I'm sorry. Sometimes the crazy days are just too much to write about. Sometimes the events are to embarrassing or too painful to discuss with strangers who may read it. Sometimes I am completely mortified, but later am able to laugh of such events -- like the time my son was so scared about going into the dentist office that when I was filling out papers in the waiting room, he darted out the door and hid. The receptionist and I spent several minutes outside looking for him before we discovered him hiding in the bushes. At the time, I just couldn't share that one. Now, years later, I can laugh about it. So, if it seems like I'm "doing it all" and doing it well, there's a lot you don't know, but maybe I'll tell you in a few years when I can finally see the humor in it.

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