Sunday, March 18, 2012

How do you know when it's love?

Well, this past week has been kind of a whirlwind and I'll post more on it in the coming days - there was an audition, lunch with a friend, lunch with my dad, work, missing a dentist appointment (ooopps!!), finding out I'd made the show I auditioned for, my third grader's aversion to doing homework (three nights in a row!!!), guilt and anxiety in heading out of town for a couple days, getting out of town with my three awesome sisters, going to a wonderful conference, having dinner and laughs with my sisters, coming home refreshed.

But freshest in my mind right now is going to a lovely St. Patty's Day wedding reception last night. The groom is a co-worker of my husband's and the bride is a friend of mine who is in a volunteer organization with me. The groom is also in the Band of Brothers Pipes and Drums band and I totally expected to see him in his kilt and hear lots of bagpipe playing. But, he was in a tux...and they both looked incredible and happy.

Before dinner, the best man, who was the brother of the groom, did his toast. He announced that he wanted to read a little "proverb." He began reading and one of the guys at our table, also a firefighter and husband of a friend, started to chuckle. "This is Van Halen!" he said. Somehow - although once I went back and listened to the song I remembered it - I wasn't immediately familiar with the lyrics and I think many in the crowd weren't. They just listened to the wise words and applauded the happy couple.

How do I know when it's love?I can't tell you but it lasts foreverOh, how does it feel when it's love?It's just somethin' you feel together When it's love
You look at every face in a crowdSome shine and some keep you guessin'Waiting for someone to come into focusAnd teach you your final love lesson
How do I know when it's love?I can't tell you but it lasts foreverOh, how does it feel when it's love?It's just something you feel togetherWhen it's love

I listened to the toast, grasping the hand of my husband. The arguement we'd had that afternoon melted away. Later we slow danced together, him grabbing my behind as he typically does when we slow dance at weddings. :) Then they played our song (Unchained Melody)...the one that we first danced to as husband and wife twenty years ago. Van Halen got it right. It's just something you feel together.

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