Saturday, March 31, 2012

The conference and my crazy day ahead

Well, a couple weeks ago we (my three sisters and I) got together for our sisters weekend, but one of my sisters and I also attended a conference. I've been intending to post something on it, but I even when I think of a topic I want to write about on this blog, I put if off because I feel like I need the time to get really in-depth on the topic. I guess I should get that out of my head. When I put an entry in for my food blog, it's rarely long. Sometimes it's just a picture and a sentence or two. I can do the same here. There are no rules. There aren't blog police who are going to show up and say, "Sorry, ma'am, you're under 500-words. Add some details and re-submit it." That's what's nice about blogging, you write what you feel like writing, not what an editor assigned to you.

And sometimes I think I'll jot down a few things and before I know it I've poured out 10 paragraphs. I don't have a lot of time's my day to do photos in the nursery at the hospital today and I just got a text from my co-worker that there were 11 babies born yesterday when she left at 6 p.m. and a couple carried over from the previous day. On average, we spend an hour in each room, so if there were no more babies born after she left and there are no babies going home in neo-natal today and I photo all 13, I'll be there until about 11 p.m.!!!! So, I have a CRAZY day ahead.

Also, I haven't posted on the conference because my desk is in a bit of disarray and I have no idea where I put my notes from the day!! I'll just post this pic of our keynote speakers, Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar. I really enjoyed their talk, which did include a lot of great parenting advice. I haven't watched her show much, but it always saddens me how hostile people are toward her. Why can't we just live our lives and not judge others for their choices? So, she has a lot of children. They are loved and they are taken care of. I've come across more than a few professional welfare mothers -- four or six or eight kids, each from a different father, and being supported entirely by the welfare system and proud of it. It's unfortunate to see this, but it's a situation where perhaps a bit of criticism can be justified for poor choices made. Although the Duggar's lifestyle is extreme and not what the majority of parents would choose, their kids seem to have all of their basic needs met -- of food and shelter and love -- and then some. Ok, I'm done, and I've rambled on more than I planned. I'll go look for those notes and get off to work.

I was pretty close. Row 2 and we sat in on two sessions with the Duggars.

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