Monday, March 26, 2012

Give them a hug

So, recently I read a post on a FB friend's wall. He has a brother who I believe has cancer. His status that day: "If you have siblings, give them a hug. If you have more than one child, let them know how important they are to one another." Good advice.

I feel really lucky to have 5 siblings. Whenever someone hears "six kids," they seem to automatically think "Brady Bunch." But, our family has four girls and two boys. And there's almost 20 years from oldest to youngest.   The first three are close in age. Then there's a 13 year gap, then there were three more. The last two are twins.

The four girls got together recently. One of the twins and I decided to go to a conference on mothering called Hearts at Home. It's a faith-based organization in her area that holds an annual conference to encourage and nurture moms in their rewarding, yet difficult and exhausting roles. Jen and I had a great time at the conference. Becky and Pam hung out at the pool and in the hotel room while we were gone. That evening we met up for dinner at a Japanese steakhouse in Bloomington. We all love Japanese food. In fact, we went to a similar place for our last girl's night out. Somehow a lot of our sister time is spent eating. But...when you are a mom it's always a treat to go have a meal and not to have to cut up meat for anyone but yourself. :)

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