Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Two-year-old talking like a sailor part of tonight's sitcom

So, I was reading an article today about a controversial episode of Modern Family that will air tonight in which a two-year-old slips the F-bomb while at a wedding. In reality, the little actress substituted with another word that is bleeped and her mouth is pixalated. I've seen varying comments on it, but for the most part, what I'm reading is that people are suggesting that everyone should lighten up and not tune in if they are that offended. What do you think?

I'm just kind of old school in the way that I don't swear often. I can't say I never do. I was just brought up being taught that not only was it unladylike, but it just reflected poorly on the person. My father's worst offense at his most irate would be blurting, "Well, God bless it." or "Dang it." My mom could be known to say a few four (or five or three) letter words once in a while, but not the F-bomb. I was probably 9 or 10 the first time I heard it. I actually thought it was a new word that had just been invented because I'd never heard it before.

Anyway, I don't cuss in front of my kids (although my husband has chastised me for saying frickin' or freakin' once in a while -- I guess he feels it's just as bad.) My husband and his dad have said a few swear words that the kids have heard. And I know they've heard a slew of questionable words and phrases from peers and in  PG-13 movies or games.

Kids are sponges and like little parrots, likely to repeat what they hear - good or bad. When it happens it can be a shocker. And sometimes that shock causes laughter, which of course, is terrible because it just encourages that behavior.

I can remember one time as my son was two or maybe three-years-old, he was pushing himself along the sidewalk in this big plastic pick-up truck that he'd push with his feet (kinda like Fred Flinstone.) All of a sudden, he stops sticks his head out the window and calls out "Jagoff!" Then puts his head right back in and keeps going. Hmmm...think he might have been imitating something he saw? Maybe by dad or grandpa? Yeah, pretty likely. I really had to try hard not to snicker. I was so horrified on one hand, but he did it with such conviction and in just the correct context, that you couldn't help but find the humor in it. I'm sure many other parents have been in those shoes before.

So, from what I've read about this episode, it's something that has probably happened to many parents before - a young child simply repeating something (although very inappropriate) that they've heard come out of an adult's mouth. I've only caught part of one or two episodes, which I thought were hilarious. Overall, I don't watch much television with my kids. It really doesn't seem like T.V. is the way it was when I was growing up. There were shows you could watch as a family that didn't have a lot of adult themes thrown in there or sexual innuendos - stuff like Family Ties, Different Strokes, Full House, Growing Pains, The Cosby Show, Happy Days and Wonder Years that were meant to be viewed by families. Yet, I did watch stuff like Three's Company and Love Boat and Dallas as a kid, and loved it, so I digress.

It's true that no one HAS to tune into it. We're all free to watch what we'd like. This one sounds like more "reality" than some of the reality shows.


Live*Laugh*Love said...

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A party and A HALF said...

I think that America is too "prude". I mean, I don't really WANT to hear a little 4 year-old swearing but I would make a big deal if a T.V. was showing it because I do think it's a very common thing in families. I feel like people complain so much that they are basically censoring certain things from us.
Let's just say there is a teen mom whose parent's kick her out and she is raising a child on her own and this happens to her, at least she will see that it's a normal occurrence and that she shouldn't freak about it.
I remember when I was little and I said "jesus christ" and my mother freaked out... "Where did you hear that!?" From my grandfather! It was my grandfather's fault but obviously he wasn't encouraging it.

Sarah said...

following from Christina's blog hop. Great post!

Donna Foute said...

I feel sorry for my kids. They hear it all between the two of us alone. Like yer blog :)

7kidsandcounting said...

I have to agree with you. I do not care for little kids cursing on TV I don't care if it does happen, why make it so OK that we get so desensitised that suddenly we allow our children to say words like that. I am far from perfect and I drop a bomb here or there , but I don't even personaly think kids need to say sucks or crap. I just think it does not sound very nice. and I can't stand the fact that my kids can't watch a thing on tv anymore other than "baby shows", as they call them because every show has the B**ch word or H*ll or GD or anything like that. I can't stand it.
anyway sorry
I am your newest follower.

Kristin said...

I loved that episode. I, too, giggle at little kids cursing. :)