Friday, January 6, 2012

The best part of date night

Ok, so my last post was on my most recent date night. We don't do date night as often as we should. With the schedules of seven people to work around and the money it requires and deciding on what we'll do, it's always difficult to get things settled and arranged, but one we do it is such a nice little break from the every day. And as much as I love my husband and enjoy spending time with him and as much as I need some quiet time after being in the noisy, crazy house inhabited by myself and six males, I have to admit, my favorite part of date night is usually the food. Is that bad?

Cooking for seven everyday is exhausting. I do take short cuts often in making meals and there are nights when hubby isn't home and the kids get microwaved corn dogs and I have a salad. But there's still preparation and clean-up and time spent at the kitchen counter. Fast food or pizza ordering is a occasional thing - maybe 2 - 5 times a month, so that's a little break once in a while, but it's just not enough. It's so nice to bypass that, even if it's only for one meal.

So, for date night, we usually go out to dinner. My husband really isn't much fun to go to the movies with. He doesn't really like to go to the movies unless it's something action packed with explosions and car crashes and lots of testosterone. He's more content sitting on the sofa watching Arnold Schwarzenegger movies he's seen three dozen times or a black and white sci-fi  or horror classic like Godzilla or Mothra or the Blob.

My choice of movies is quite different. I love comedies and of course, chic flicks, which he will have no part of. And if, by chance, I convince him to see one, he sits next to me mocking the movie or my sniffling at the sad parts. He also has a strong aversion to Ashton Kutcher and Will Ferrell, so he won't see anything they are in. Weird, huh? Movies are the one area where the guy is hard to please.

However, when our date night is a dinner night, he usually goes along with whatever I suggest. He's not picky at all in the food department. So, our last date night was for dinner. I was in the mood for steak. I picked the place. Here's what I got and it was gooooood. :)

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Colorado Mountain Mom said...

YUM! I agree, eating out is a big highlight in this mom's life, too. Although I don't run a household with so many males - whatta woman! Now you have me all excited for my (very rare) date night this weekend - my Anniversary! Yay!

Dropping by on the Find Friends Hop - Following you on GFC now ... :)

Tami - The Colorado Mountain Mom