Sunday, January 15, 2012

I love awards shows

I just finished watching the Golden Globes. I still love to watch them...along with the other awards shows. Even thought I often haven't seen many of the nominated films, I love to see all the celebs all glammed up for the evening. I mean, come on, I'm a mom. I don't get out to the movies every weekend anymore. When I do it's usually animated stuff. I'm clueless about the HBO and Showtime dramas. No movie channels in this house. So, even though I may not be familiar with a lot of the material, I still love to watch.

When I was a little girl, I'd always tune in to see what the ladies were wearing. I'd sit with a pad sketching out the gown I'd wear if I ever got to attend such an event. I enjoyed watching tonight. There's usually a few who stick out with some really horrible outfits, but I didn't notice any tonight (thank God Lady Gaga wasn't invited!) Everyone looked amazing. So, after tuning in, here are my thoughts on tonight:

1) I am amazed at Nicole Kidmann's figure in that dress. Holy moly!!!!

2) I LOVE Peter Dinklage!

3) Madonna's boobs aren't that huge. Why did she have so much trouble getting them to fit into that dress?

4) Angelina Jolie...smokin' as usual. Wonder if she regrets any of those tattoos?

5) Ok. We all get it. Merryl Streep is awesome, but really??? Does she really need EIGHT Golden Globes? I'm thinking they ought to cap it at like 3 and give someone else a turn.

6) Gray hair looks hot on Clooney, but just doesn't work the same on Matt LeBlanc.

7) Didn't see the beginning, but Gervais seemed tamer than in the past (also seemed to have a bit less air time.) Even so, he's generally jerky and I kinda wanted someone to grab one of those drinks he was holding and throw it in his face.

8) Good year for the French

9) Who the heck brought that dog up on stage? He upstaged the poor guy giving a very heartfelt speech. Boo for that.

10) Morgan Freeman rocks! I've thought so ever since he was teaching me the alphabet in the 70's on Electric Company.

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