Monday, April 2, 2012

Showered with flowers

I love flowers. Don't all moms? Don't all women for that matter? My sisters and I had a discussion about flowers recently...and how much we love to get them...and how not all guys get that. My dad gets it. In fact, he sent flowers to his daughters when he heard that their significant others hadn't gotten them any for Valentine's Day. Then they passed it on and sent flowers to the other sisters and soon all of us had lovely bouquets -- either received from Dad or a sister.

My husband doesn't get me flowers as often as he used to. But I can't pin it all on him. The last couple times he did, I admit that I scolded him for spending way too much. I told him I'd be just as happy with a couple carnations as with a huge bunch of roses in a vase with a balloon or stuffed animal. Not that I don't love when he goes all out. It's just that flowers are short-lived and the money can usually be better spent.

My boys know how much I love flowers. They bring them to me all the time without spending a dime.

And it makes them happy and makes me happy. :)

Yesterday morning, my husband said he was going somewhere and was going to take one of the boys and he wouldn't tell me where they were going. I figured they were heading to the bakery for doughnuts. A half-hour later, he walked in the door with three of the boys and the dog. They'd gone for a walk to a field near our house that had a lilac bush. My husband had been driving by the bush frequently and said he thought of me. So, this is what they picked. It's totally the thought that counts. And the boys were so excited to give them to me. :)

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