Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Stop whining

I'll bet when you saw that title, you thought I was referring to my children. I'm not. I'm talking about me. I realized that in many of my recent posts I'm groaning and complaining and whining about how hectic things are. It's my busiest time of the year and I know I get a little cranky when things get crazy. But, I need to stop whining and get things done and look at the good things going on and find victory in accomplishing small things. I'm lucky to be this busy. And I've set the priorities that have caused me to be this busy. Not like I can blame anyone else.

I've spent a great deal of time tonight trying to clean out my inbox. It's something that constantly nags at me. Tonight I got it down under 400. That's 400 UNREAD e-mails. You don't want to know how many 'read' emails are in there. Well...add another zero onto that 400 and you're almost there. It's frustrating because I know many of them need to be deleted, but others I know I'll refer back to at some point. Thank God there's a search bar for my e-mail so I can retrieve those I need. Tonight...I'm going to stay up just a little longer and get myself down under 300. Just a small victory, but one nonetheless. And then I'm going to leave everything else for tomorrow and go to bed -- the taxes that need to be filed, the clean dishes that need to be put away, the bills, the planning for some projects I'm working on for a service organization, the writing deadlines. And tomorrow I'm going to do something fun with the boys. We are half way through spring break and I'm feeling guilty that we haven't done much. So tomorrow's mission is a fun outing with the boys. And that will be tomorrow's victory.

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Sarah said...

every victory, no matter how small, counts! You go Mama!!