Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Life through the lens - days 47, 48 and 49

Ok, another three-peat to help me catch up on missing a few days.

This is son number 4. He's never shy about getting his picture taken, even though his brothers often are. He's often the ham, jumping in whenever I get my camera out. He's the one who I have no trouble getting a hug and a kiss from. In fact, they often come unsolicited...and it's so nice when they do. :)

Another picture from that same warm spring day at the park. Proof that they do like each other once in a while. They've been fighting A LOT lately, so this is a nice reminder of the times they do get along. This picture is the wallpaper shot on my computer. I love seeing their smiling faces on my screen every day.

I've posted pictures before of some of the gorgeous flowers growing in the yard of my neighbor, Miss Lucille. She's nearing 90 and can run circles around me -- I mean it. She's out in her yard all year, planting and tending to her flowers. She walks like 5 miles in the morning several times a week. She goes out dancing on the weekends. Anyway...there are still lots of lovely blooms in her yard. Here's a picture I took last week.

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