Saturday, October 8, 2011

Dear sons: Don't be lazy

Letter #4

Dear sons:

One lesson that I've tried to teach you and I hope you've paid attention is the importance of working hard. I could offer a dozen chiches about how anything worth having is worth working for. It often falls upon deaf ears when relaying it to an 8-year-old who would rather play video games.

There isn't an easy way to success in life. You have to work hard for it. It doesn't fall in your lap. I want you to have drive and ambition and want to be successful. I want you to know that laziness won't get you far. Not that I think you're lazy. I understand that as children you're motivated by different things. I don't blame you for wanting to play rather than work. Who wouldn't rather play than work? And I want you to enjoy your years of playtime because once you hit adulthood, there's much more work than play. I just wonder sometimes if I'm doing a good job and preparing you and teaching you balance. If you work hard, you'll get  to play hard.

Remember that when I'm telling you to take out the garbage or do the dishes, I'm teaching you lessons and preparing you for things. Dive in and do the work you need to do, even if it is as mundane as doing dishes. Having a good attitude will get you far. But that's a whole other blog for another day.

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