Saturday, October 29, 2011

I feel pretty

Ok, I've been at the mom thing for 17 1/2 years now. I spent many, many years in that sloppy sweatpants with spit-up stains and strained peas on my shirt mode. I think many moms spend a lot of their time feeling unattractive.

With the release of two books in the past couple months, I had publishers asking for photos of me to print on the book or put in an online bio. I didn't really have anything except for 15-year-old photos taken when I worked in a school district and got photos taken along with the staff and students.

I decided I should get some real photos taken. Late one afternoon before picking the kids up from school, I met my friend, MaryBeth, for some photos at a cute little park nearby. MaryBeth has gotten into the photo business the past couple years. I first met her when my youngest son was in preschool. She's a teacher aide and would take gorgeous photos of the kids at school concerts and field trips and other events. Soon, she was in business and I was so excited for her. Last year she took some great family photos for us.

Anyway, my computer is sooo slow these days and it would take me all day to upload all of them, but here's a couple of the them. It was a busy day and I raced out the door without any make-up on and in an outfit that's at least 2 years old -- not good makings for a photo shoot, but MaryBeth managed to make me look decent.

I liked this one with the pink umbrella in black and white -- a prop I suggested because it's kind of an inside joke. My kids are always running off with my umbrellas and then breaking them or leaving them at school and burying them in their rooms. Then when I am heading out in the rain, I'm left with a Spiderman or Transformers umbrella. So, I bought a pink one, sure than none of the males in my house would use it. I was right. Finally, something in the house that is ALL mine. :)

Visit MBW Photography,!/pages/MBW-Photography/143073829048927, if you want to see more from my photo shoot or more of MaryBeth's work. If she could make me feel pretty, she can work miracles. :)

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