Monday, June 13, 2011

There's nothing like the smell of a money cage at 96 degrees

* June 7 post -- just getting it up a little late.

Today was a field trip to the zoo with the kindergartners. Since I was accompanying my youngest of five, it's a trip I've done many, many times. We always go at the very end of May or early June. It's almost always warm. The sun is almost always shining. Today is was hot. I mean H-O-T. Like I heard reports of 98 degrees in our area. My car thermostat read 101 degrees. The weatherman said it would feel like 105 with the heat index. A zoo smells icky enough on a cool day in February, but at temps around 100 it's enough to make you hurl.

Aside from that I had a nice time with my son. Let me rephrase that, aside from the smell and having a touch of laryngitis from repeating "Don't touch that," "Put that down," "This way," "Get down", "Don't climb on that," "Stay over here" dozens of times to the little boy in the group I chaperoned that seemed to have some selective hearing - I did have a good time.

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