Thursday, June 23, 2011

Summer is exahusting already (and it hasn't officially started!)

June 17 post -- being added today

Summer doesn't officially begin until next week, but it's already wearing me out. I vowed to jump right in and enjoy as much as we could of the summer vacation right away. I was especially ready to get moving since next week two of my boys will begin summer enrichment classes. I wanted to fit in a little fun before we had a schedule to keep.

So far, this week has included a couple park visits, pool visits, a movie at a local theatre, several trips to the library, some shopping, a birthday party, a couple trips for ice cream and several play dates. Today, there was a field trip I wanted to make with some local moms, but after lots of running this week, I decided it was a day to sleep in and chill. I needed a little time to rest.

P.S. I'm also enjoying taking pictures of all the pretty flowers.

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