Monday, June 13, 2011

A bittersweet day in a mom's life

*June 8 posting

Today is a big day. My oldest son. My firstborn. My baby. Is now a licensed driver. It brings about lots of emotions. I'm partly terrified that somewhere along the way something will get hit that shouldn't be. Like a parking block. Or a tree. Or a fire hydrant. Or a curb. Or a shopping cart. Or worse yet, another car. I'm also partly sulking in the thought that he now has an independence he's never known. Don't laugh at me -- I know I've been a very overprotective mom. I can probably count on two hands the number of times he's walked somewhere on his own. He's always been driven to and from school or dropped of at his destination. I've always pretty much known exactly where he has been all the time. I know - it's time to cut the cord. It's just hard. Then terror sets back in thinking of all the things he could being doing with that independence. He's a good kid. Not really a trouble-maker. Normally follows the rules. You never know, though. A bit of independence can sure go to the head. I'm sure in the days ahead, it will be a relief. Now I don't have to drive him to school or guitar lessons or work or his friend's house. When we're running low on milk, I can send him out for some. Or when I want to order a pizza, I'll be able to send him out to pick it up. I'm sure once I get over the initial shock, it will be a huge help.

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