Tuesday, April 26, 2011

How do you indulge?

Ah, I feel like I shouldn't be taking the few minutes it takes to post a blog as there's so much to be done, but sometimes in the middle of it all, you have to stop and take a breath. I've done a little of that lately. Last week after my husband sold a cool custom towable Jeep grill he'd made, he came up and put $100 in my hand. Although there are always bills to be paid and no shortage of places that our funds could be funnelled, I thought it was so nice of him to just give me some money to spend on myself. I asked him what it was for. "For you," he responded.

As with most moms, it's hard to spend money on myself and not feel guilty. The next morning I went off to get a pedicure. It's been probably 9 months since my last one...and spring is around the corner (although it doesn't feel like it outside), so I wanted my feet to look presentable for when it's warm enough for flip-flops. When they mentioned it was only $10 more for a manicure, I accepted. The pedicure was only $22, so I didn't feel too bad throwing in the extra $10. It felt wonderful to be pampered for an hour and have pretty nails when I was done!!!

The remainder of the cash went to necessities at Walmart - allergy medicine, toiletries, detergent - that kinds of stuff. And a cute $12 summer top. It's amazing how a cheap shirt can make everything better.

I'd already had an appointment for a haircut and highlights. I consider myself a pretty low-maintenance chic. I only get my hair cut maybe once every three months. Once or twice a year I get highlights for one reason only -- to cover the gray. So, I got that done the other day. It always feels great to have someone else shampoo your hair and style it for you.

Today, in the midst of deadlines, I drifted off to Facebook where I noticed a quote on Ryan Seacrest's page - "The time to relax is when you don't have time for it." - Sydney J. Harris. Boy did that fit! I decided to do just that. I grabbed my 7-year-old and we set out for a lunch date. A couple hours later, full from a half of a chicken fajita sandwich and a bowl of broccoli cheese soup, I felt so refreshed. Now I better get back to work.

So, what are some of the little things you do to indulge and relax?

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