Sunday, April 10, 2011

A weekend of wooing

This weekend I went off to a bed and breakfast with my husband. After leaving town later than anticipated and dropping the kiddos off with their grandparents, it was off on our own. It does't happen very often. I think our last overnight away on our own was probably three years ago. So, it was much anticipated.

As we were driving, I told me husband I wanted to be free of all things kid-related and boy-related and free of crude jokes and crude noises for 24 hours. I detected a burp out of him moments later and let him know that it was a no-no and that I was to be wooed for the weekend.

So for the rest of our time alone, that was the joke. "Am I wooing you correctly?," he'd ask. I must say, he deserves a pat on the back. He opened doors, took me out to a nice steakhouse for dinner, ordered drinks that I like, brought me a chocolate treat for a snack, held my hand as we walked and filled a bubble bath for me.

Our weekend happened to coincide with the anniversary of our first date on April 10, 1987. I thought about how nice it is that we still laugh together, still have fun together, still have passion for each other and once in a while still woo each other.

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