Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Looking up

We all know what today is. I always, ALWAYS spend time reflecting on this date...usually watching the remembrance service at Ground Zero. I cry a lot. I feel for those families who lost loved ones. I didn't know anyone there. I have never even been to New York. But as an American I feel it and as the wife of a firefighter, I feel it. I won't go into a lengthy post. I'll just say that today is a Tuesday. 9/11/01 was on a Tuesday. It's a beautiful, clear late summer day, just like it was then. And I see so much when I look up. An empty sky...and remember the empty skies in the days following 9/11. A sky that is blue and beautiful and covers us all, in every town in every nation in this world - people of all kinds. A hope that a new day lies ahead and that we are fortunate to have that gift and that we have a duty to embrace it. And I kind of see the souls off all those innocent people looking down who left that day...watching over.


Jessica said...

Great way to reflect! I too remember the day, just like it was yesterday. Here is my post if you want to read it!


Nicole said...

Wow, this post gave me chills. I remember it was a Tuesday also. So super scary. I went to NYC in 2005 and down by Ground Zero I swear you could still smell the smoke. It was so quiet, almost eerily quiet, but quite awesome. If you ever get the chance to go, I would!