Monday, August 6, 2012

Blue Nothing

Last month was a busy one and I didn't post a lot on here. But, it's now August. Things are slowing down a bit. School registration is this week. I'm starting to gather the school supplies and getting things organized for the kids return to school in just two weeks. So, it's time to fill you in on some of what I've been doing this summer. Last week we took a brief trip up over the border to Kenosha, Wisconsin. We spent three days there, visiting some museums, the Bristol Renaissance Faire, the Jelly Belly Center and I spent as much time by the water as I could. All three days we spent some time by the Lake Michigan. 

The first day, we visited the Taste of Wisconsin and walked along the lake. On the third day before heading out of town we stopped at Eichelman Park for a picnic and some swimming. These pictures are from our second day. We visited Jelly Belly in the morning and took a drive through the historic district, where, at the conclusion of our drive, we stumbled upon Eichelman Park and stopped to eat the lunch we planned on eating at the beach that afternoon. Then we went to the Kenosha Public Museum and took a ride on the electric streetcar. Then we spent the rest of the afternoon a public beach on Simmon's Island. 

It's so relaxing to sit on the beach and look at out and see nothing but blue. Blue sky and blue water and that's it. Well, maybe a boat or a gull or a straggling beach-goer here or there, but for the most's nothing but blue water and blue sky. I even catnapped for a short time and that was soooo nice! Is there anything better than a nap on the beach?

I love the playground equipment at the beach.

And yeah, the only thing more peaceful than being out on a beach and looking at nothing is looking out at a lighthouse.

 And I'm not a big fan of sand (moms know what I'm talking gets EVERYWHERE!), but this sure is lovely isn't it?

And the boys are definitely fans of sand!


Mel S. said...

Looks like you had a great time. I have never been to Simmons Island before. The pictures look great!

Carrie said...

Very nice, clean free public beach! And the history center is just down the street with an old 100+ year old lighthouse that is open for tours on Saturdays, I think, during the summer months. Last year my son and I climbed to the top of it. Super cool!