Monday, August 6, 2012

An evening of music under the stars

I love music and try to expose my kids to all kinds of music. I love attending concerts with my kids and with my father, who always had classical music on the car radio or the home record player when we were kids. Last weekend, I took my youngest son and my dad to a concert in Crown Point that was part of the free concert series by the Northwest Indiana Symphony Orchestra. What a wonderful evening. Wish I would have thought of it and planned ahead -- some people had some big spreads set up with tables with tableclothes and candles and lots of good food. I bought a couple candy bars at intermission and we sat in our lawn chairs and listened to the music as it got dark.

My little guy had brought his Nintendo DS for the half hour ride and played on it for part of the performance. It was cute to see him perk up, though, when he recognized some of the music - like the music from Star Wars!

We sat pretty far back - there was a BIG crowd, but it sounded wonderful from where we were sitting.

And my son loved these dogs! He kept going over to pet them.:)

It was a nice night. Reminds me that I need to play a little more Mozart and Bach around the house!

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