Wednesday, July 25, 2012

My five favorite blogs

Adventures in Babywearing (
Steph has this gift of taking the most mundane little things in a standard day and turning them into something beautiful. Almost all of her blog posts have breathtaking photography - usually of her kids - and sometimes very few words. Sometimes the picture just says it all. I was lucky enough to read in a production she directed this past May called Listen to Your Mother. She’s a mom of many talents. When you follow her blog you just sometimes feel like you’re sitting right there in her living room experiencing it all along with her.

Five Kids is a Lot of Kids (
Ok, look at that URL. Anyone who would choose that one has to have a sense of humor. I was initially drawn to her blog by the title alone. She has five kids. I have five kids. I wanted to see how she was faring. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that it’s pretty normal to feel like you’re losing your mind on a daily basis when there are five kids at your heels all the time. She is funny. No, she is downright hilarious. But when she’s not, she expresses these tender and heartfelt moments that make your eyes misty.

Two Moms, a Little Time and a Keyboard (
Ok, that’s a mouthful. It didn’t even fit on one line. I love that this blog covers lots of areas. It is mostly about things to do and see with your kids in the Chicago-area…right up my alley. I’ve been doing travel writing for a dozen years and a lot of it involves local attractions. I’m always looking for new material and ideas on new places to visit and I like to get the little tips that moms want to know before they go. But they also cover travels outside the area. And recipes. And crafts. And restaurants. And product reviews. So, it’s kind of a one-stop shop. And it’s always something I enjoy reading.

Nameberry (
I’m a total name nerd. Writing about baby names is one of my favorite topics. Each year I check out the list of top names put out by the Social Security Administration. I’m proud of the consideration that went into choosing the names of our five boys. I love meeting new parents in my job taking pictures of babies in the hospital…and I love finding out their new names and meeting all the new Masons and Logans and Avas and Isabellas of the world. I also get regular e-mails from and I love to read their take on popular names, suggestions of new trends and news on the latest celebrity baby names.

Live Your Love Out Loud (
I think I love this blog so much because I met the person before I read the blog. I know Heather personally and she just has this natural exuberance about her that makes you fall in love with her. I enjoy reading her ramblings about life with her two little girls and all her motherly adventures. I also subscribe by e-mail so that I don’t miss posts and smile every time one shows up in my inbox. Oh, and she and I were in that Listen to Your Mother show together. In fact her reading came after mine, so we were seated next to each other. :) What a great person to sit with. She whispered words of encouragement before I went on stage and when I returned. She rocks!


Stephanie Precourt said...

Oh my goodness, Carrie. What an honor. Thank you so SO much. YOU are a delight.


Beth at Five Kids Is A Lot Of Kids said...

What kind, kind words. Thank you, Carrie! I read Stephanie's blog, too, and OF COURSE agree with you. She's fantastic. Can't wait to check out these others and hang out here some more.

Mel S. said...

Thanks, Carrie! We are so honored! I love reading you blogs too!

Heather Novak said...

Honey, I almost skipped this post....did not want to find another blog to read and adore! Thank you for the kind words, I know your time is precious and I am thrilled to get some of it. You rock! P.s. thanks for seeing me as an encourager, that is how I want to see myself...but usually feel like a whiner instead.

Jessika Snyder said...

I've nominated you for the Liebster Award! Check it out: