Sunday, July 1, 2012

We should have been farmers

My husband really should have been a farmer. He is an early riser. He'd adjust perfectly to getting up at the crack of dawn to feed chickens. He loves the outdoors. He loves gardening. His long-time fantasy has been to spend harvest time at the farm of my cousin and to drive big pieces of farm equipment. Maybe one of these days he'll be able to get a couple days off work when it's time to pick the soybeans.

I always admired the slower-paced farm life, but have always wanted to live closer to the action. Don't know if I could hack the non-stop, fast-paced, busy, crowded city life, but suburban life seems to suit me fine. As the kids get older (and so do I), life on a farm doesn't seem all that bad. Sure, you're a little isolated from the rest of the world, but hey, that's what the Internet is for. It's a lot of work. And there's no escaping bugs and critters. But it would just be much more peaceful. And a little more peace sounds oh so nice.

I've also come to appreciate the joys of ultra fresh produce. We've always had a small garden, but how nice would it be to have a bigger garden with space to grow all the veggies and flowers we like.

Our visits to farms have grown in numbers in recent years. We now make family trips out to farms to pick all kinds of fresh stuff and I really enjoy cooking with our pickings. I'm really thinking that I need to get into canning. The other day, we set out to pick blueberries...and we're getting a little better at it. Last year we picked 10 pounds. This year we picked 24. It seems like a lot, but I'm tempted to make another trip for more. I've found frozen blueberries are wonderful in pancake batter and muffin mix. Just throw them in frozen - DON'T thaw them. Once they heat up, they just "pop" and release wonderful juices that give great taste to what you're baking. Twenty-four pounds doesn't go as far as you'd think, especially in a household of seven.

The kids did start whining early on. "I'm hungry." "I'm tired." "It's too hot." "When are we going home?" "My brother just threw a blueberry at my head." When I offered a couple dollars to the ones who picked the most berries and the one who picked the biggest berry, they got hard at work. :)

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Melissa Ryan said...

That is my and my hubby's dream, to own a farm one day. He wants a cattle farm, I would be content with 10 acres. Enough for a large garden, a horse or two, and chickens.