Thursday, May 17, 2012

Taking flight

May is always an emotional month for me. There's always so much going on. I remember writing this column when my oldest one was in first grade about how sentimental I get during this time of year. I recall his spring musical and how I tried to hold back tears as I sat in the school gym watching it.

My youngest boy is now in first grade. His school musical was Monday afternoon. My husband was working and couldn't attend. His big brother came along to watch. That same boy who I wrote about in that column. First grade spring musicals make a mom kinda weepy anyway, but this one took the cake. My oldest son sitting there with me to watch my youngest.

Later that afternoon, my youngest guy came running in to tell me that he just rode his bike on the sidewalk in front of the house without falling down. My husband and I have been working on it with him, hoping he could soon learn and we'd be able to take a family bike ride this spring with every kid able to ride a bike on their own.

I went outside and watched. He did it! He was zipping down the sidewalk.

When they are babies you excite with every milestone. First smile. First bite of food. First time rolling over...then crawling, then walking, then talking. But it's no less exciting when they get bigger and lose their first tooth or ride their bike for the first time. Every milestone is special and meaningful. And of, course, when it's your baby and you know it's the last time you'll witness this first, it's a bit overwhelming. It's saddening and exhilarating at the same time to watch your little ones take flight.

He's taking flight on his first bike ride. His biggest brother attended his last day of high school - EVER!!! - yesterday. His graduation is next week. He's taking flight as well. It's a lot for a mom to take. week, my second son has a birthday. His 13th!!! He's becoming a teenager. I can't even go there at the moment. A mom can only handle so much flying at a time.

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Alicia said...

OH, my heart is all tied up for you, dear mama- so many BIG THINGS to celebrate and so many changes that come with those big things. Praying you can savor the days and rest in the ONE who never changes!

I get tearful this time of year, too. Just cried through my 2nd grader's class plays yesterday- felt like the crazy mom. Truth is, I was remembering sitting in that same room for my firstborn who is now a teenager- how time flies!