Sunday, May 13, 2012

Everybody has one

It's Mother's Day. I've been feeling quite spoiled and appreciated lately and it's a super nice feeling. There have been a lot of meals lately that I haven't had to cook because hubby has been cooking on the grill. The boys have been especially thoughtful. I got the goodies they made at school - a key chain with a photo and drawing. A poem. A refrigerator magnet.

Yesterday I was gone at lunch with my sister. I came home to an empty house and when they all returned home, they had a peony bush and a hydrangea to plant in the front yard along with some border plants. My oldest stopped on his way home and got me some chocolate.

Although not every woman is a mother, every person has a mother. Everyone has some memory or reference to the woman who gave them life. For some it's a close relationship. For others it may be strained. Some may have their mothers close. Some may live far from her. Others may live with her. Some may have women who have played motherly roles. Some may have mothers who have departed for Heaven and whom they have only photographs and cloudy remembrances of times together. I'm so lucky that I still have my mom with us. Although I am terrified by the thought of her no longer being in my life, the reality is that there are not too many years that remain that she will be here. She's 76 after all and no one lives forever. I stopped over to visit her today and brought her a Peanut Buster Parfait. We chatted and laughed and hugged and I'm grateful for every second I get to be with her.

My heart breaks for those with mothers that they cannot visit. A good friend lost her mother last year and just this week lost her mother-in-law. I'm sorry it's such a sad time for her.

I also think about a woman I never met face to face, but who inspired me. In fact, my Mom Moments book is dedicated to both my mom and her - Sharon Leming. This is the song her son wrote about her. His second album was dedicated to her. Makes me cry every time I hear it.

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