Tuesday, February 21, 2012

You've been flowered

I got a lovely surprise today. Flowers. Been a long time since I got flowers that I didn't buy myself. My hubby's a good guy, but flowers aren't high on his priority list...especially since I chewed him out one year for spending an obscene amount on a dozen roses. I told him he should have gone to Jewel and gotten a bouquet of two or three for like $5. Guess I shouldn't have complained. I don't get them too often anymore, but when I do, he takes the boys with him and they help him pick some out and he has them sign the card. I love that! And he still goes to a real florist and spends more than I'd approve of.

My mom loves to get flowers. My dad would get flowers for my mom once in a while when we were growing up -- although more along my lines of thinking it was usually a couple stems from the grocery store. He is a retired accountant after all and thriftiness just goes along with it. Once I got to where I was earning my own money by babysitting and doing paper routes, I'd do the same sometimes - grab a single rose or a couple carnations for Mom when I was at the grocery store.

So, anyway. Last week was Valentine's Day and Dad got Mom flowers. He knows she likes them. And he just has this idea in his head that women should get flowers on Valentine's Day or other special occasions or just because. When he learned that my sister didn't get flowers from her boyfriend on Valentine's Day, he called up a local florist and had a gorgeous bouquet of white tulips sent her way. That kind of set off a chain reaction. She posted the pic on Facebook. Well, then her twin wondered why she didn't get flowers. "Didn't your husband get you flowers for Valentine's Day?" He asked. The answer was no. Another guy in the doghouse with Dad and another flower order was on the way. Again, it was a white bouquet. And it was up on Facebook.

Today, I hear a knock on the door and open it to see a delivery guy with flowers...for me!!! I just assumed it was dad sending more flowers, but it was from twin #1 - the one who got the first bouquet. The card said "Happy Tuesday! Love Becky." Wasn't that sweet?

A little while later I get a call from dad. He's asking if I got a delivery. He goes through the whole story of how they ended up there, explaining that the twins hadn't gotten flowers for Valentine's Day and that's why he'd sent them some. Then he asked if I had gotten flowers for Valentine's Day. I told him I hadn't and that my Valentine's gift was going out to lunch. He said that the twins had decided to pay it forward. One sent flowers to me. The other sent flowers to our other sister.

So, all four girls ended up with a beautiful white bouquet. This was mine.

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