Friday, February 17, 2012

I love I love you's

So, this week it was Valentine's Day. I spent the afternoon of the 13th with my husband since he had to work on Valentine's Day. We had planned on going to a 10:10 a.m. show, followed by lunch at a cozy little cafe nearby. Well, I messed up. On Sunday I checked show times, but they were the Sunday show times. When we arrived for the early show on Monday, the schedule had changed. The first showing wasn't until 1:05. So, at just after 10 a.m., there was nothing yet opened for lunch. We were a couple buildings away from Harbor Freight Tools and my husband wanted to run inside to use a coupon he had. So, we wandered around the tool store for a while. Next door to that was the Dollar Store where I grabbed some things for the Valentine's party at the kids' school the next day. When we came out it wasn't yet 11:00 a.m. and we discussed what to do. We figured we'd get some lunch and then try to catch the 1:05 show. Located next to the tool store was Hooters and it was about to open, so we decided to go there. I like the food there even if the whole premise of the place is a wee bit offensive. When we finished lunch it wasn't quite 12:00. We figured since Home Depot was a few buildings away, we'd head in there and look at stuff for the house. We got in there and looked and looked. When I checked the time it was 1:15. We'd missed the start of the show. We headed for home. How did my romantic plans shift to shopping at a tool store and Home Depot and eating lunch at Hooters?

The next day I was at school for the class parties. I made up bingo cards for Valentine Bingo using conversation hearts for chips and we made ice cream sundaes. Later at home, I found this on my computer from my youngest:

And when my teenager got home that night, he handed me this:

He said, "This is for you. Sorry, Adam sat on it." Oh,'s the thought that counts. :)

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