Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Life through the lens - Days 92, 93, 94

So, I'm not much into abstract work and don't experiment a whole lot with lighting and changing my camera settings around....but I snapped this one without a flash at night. I know it's a bit blurred, but I like that the trees were brightened up a bit because it was really dark.

See what I mean? This one is pretty boring. :)
And I always love to see the wreaths with all the big bows.
This was the night we picked out our tree. I always tease my husband about picking out a "Griswold" tree that is much too tall for our house. This year, he kept that in mind and gravitated toward ones that would leave enough clearance for the angel on top. However, I was leaning toward the wider ones since it would be shorter and I wanted to be able to fit a LOT of ornaments on it. Well, it is SO wide, it extend way out into our living room and still is too big, even though it's no too tall. Oh, well. Looks pretty.

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