Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The lazy days of winter

These lazy days off school and work come at a good time. I'm kinda feeling lately like I want to crawl under a rock and just hide. I always want to hibernate in the winter a bit. Ya know, spend evenings in front of the t.v. with a bag of chips and American Idol. It just seems like this year I've been bombarded and overloaded in lots of ways. And I want to go somewhere that's the opposite of Cheers, where NO ONE knows my name.

Some days I feel like maybe I shouldn't be blogging or writing columns on my family. Maybe I'm just putting too much out there. I've gotten to where I have more than a handful of friends on my Facebook page that I don't know and don't really remember how they got there. Would they notice if I defriend them? Should I do a separate page for those I don't know or don't know well and keep the one I have just for family and closer friends? Yet I do have "fans" who have send requests with nice notes and I add them and I do appreciate their comments and enjoy some of their postings.

Maybe I should stray from Facebook altogether. But on the other hand, if I'm hibernating inside during these cold, icky months then that kind of interaction is more important. Don't think I could give it up cold turkey and the fact is, it is a useful tool for work. I think in the new year I'll be really re-evaluating the work thing. If I'm not enjoying it and it's not paying off in the form of a decent paycheck, why do it? I'm kind of missing my days of working full-time in an office with a close knit group of co-workers and having lunch breaks in the lounge and conversations around the water cooler. It's nice working independently, but sometimes it feels too independent. Like I'm hibernating a little too much. Blah! So, thinking and re-arranging and goal setting are in order. After a little hibernation.

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