Monday, March 21, 2011

New year's resolution: week 13

Ok, so I started my new year's resolution kind of late in the game, but I am keeping up with it. Inspired by a local radio DJ's resolution to discard 52 bags in 52 weeks to make a dent in the clutter and unnecessary and unused stuff that has accumulated around the house, I followed suit. I started late, but caught up by doing a mass cleaning over a few days. I even got ahead by a few weeks. Well, it's now week 13 and I've gotten rid of 12 bags. So, this week I had some work to do.

I still have some jobs on my to-do list that I know will net some more pitch-worthy items, like the kitchen cabinets, pantry, file cabinets. My bag this week (well - it was two 1/2 bags) were a stack of old magazines that went to the recycling and more shoes. My husband made a shoe shelf for the bottom of my closet. In rearranging I realized I have sooo many shoes I don't wear, so I pitched a few. A few more I am contemplating getting rid of soon. Seriously, I have dress shoes from my old office job (that I left in 2001) and haven't worn since. My next step is to try them all on. Those old work shoes were two kids ago and my feet expanded a bit with each child. What I can't squeeze my footsies into that are still wearable will go to Good Will.

I'll try to get on and update next week. How are everyone else's resolutions going?

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